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Treat yo self 2017 is here!

Get yourself something nice.  You deserve it.  Or, be an awesome person and get something nice for someone else.

A Little Bit About Andy

My name is Andy, a 30-something year old guy living in Champaign, Illinois.  Prior to my recent relocation to work with the Illinois Volleyball program,  I had the pleasure of being the Director of Creative and Emerging Media for @Huskers.


I have been working at mastering the digital arts using programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, Photo Mechanic, Final Cut Pro, and so many others.


Outside of my day job, you can find me outside stargazing and taking photos of the skies.  If the skies are too cloudy, I’ll be in my basement making shirts and posters in my screen printing workshop.


I am available for freelance.  I am also available for likes, retweets and DMs.

Pictures of Andy “Hard at Work”