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About This Project

Tasked with creating new wraps for the team busses and golf carts, I wanted to give a simple look that would immediately register as “Nebraska Football” at first glance.

The team travels in two busses.  Bus 1 is carries the offense; Bus 2 the defense.

For a defensive look, the Blackshirts was an easy choice.  The legendary insignia of the Nebraska defense was given a chrome treatment, being placed over a matte carbon-fibre background vinyl.  The oversized logo shines against the matte backing in all weather.  The offensive bus was a little trickier.  Opting for the look of the football helmet, a clean white backing (with subtle flecks of metallic to help make the simple white less ordinary) has an oversized iconic Nebraska N, along with the red helmet stripe down the center, with the year appearing on the back where player numbers would be on the helmet.

Both busses have “#Huskers” along the top and my SF27 logo near the door for fallen teammate Sam Foltz.

With the success of the bus wraps, it was only natural to mimic the designs for the new golf carts.  With some extra details of the embroidered logos on the seats and tricked out wheels, these carts have been a big hit with coaches and players alike.

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